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Wedding Photography Cornwall Vs London – Pros & Cons

Wedding Photography In Cornwall vs Wedding Photography in London

I am lucky enough to travel all over the country capturing weddings, with most taking place in two of the most sought after locations: Cornwall and London. Wedding photographers in Cornwall are blessed with jaw dropping backdrops and incredible locations but are sometimes cursed with wild and unpredictable weather. Whilst wedding photographers in London get to photograph in some of the most luxurious  and quirkiest venues in the country but can sometimes be frustrated with a lack of outdoor space for photography.

Wedding photographers in London Cornwall & London Wedding Photography Pros & Cons

There are of course pros and cons in photographing weddings in Cornwall and London, but I genuinely love doing both. I think London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its parks, architectural detail and opulent venues.

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And of course Cornwall is naturally a wonderful place to photograph in general with its laid back culture and dazzling views. One major difference is travelling on the day. In Cornwall, it can be stressful getting stuck behind a tractor on the way to the church, but beneficial to have a boot full of kit and access to more locations. In London, the transport system is fantastic and you don’t need to worry about country lanes but lugging kit around can be stressful and tricky in itself.

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I tend to prefer photographing in natural light which more often than not, Cornwall bathes in. Photographing indoors and in low light can be difficult with extra kit and further technical settings to consider. That’s not to say an extremely sunny day is easy to navigate technically!
I’ve photographed weddings in London basement venues which rely entirely on artificial light and this can be challenging, but I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and styles in these situations.

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How Photographing Weddings in Cornwall and London Has Benefitted My Work

Ultimately, photographing weddings in London has been incredibly beneficial for the development of my work. Technically there is a big difference in photographing a predominately indoor wedding to an outdoor wedding and this has aided my technical knowledge massively. It’s amazing to know if a stormy wedding day in Cornwall is on the cards, I have the ability to change tact and still capture beautiful images indoors. Whilst on the flip side, years of photographing weddings outside in the varying light and conditions that Cornwall offers has me well prepared for the outdoor weddings taking place in the capital.

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Cultural Differences with Cornish & London Weddings

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There’s a significant difference between Cornish weddings and those in London in relation to culture. When I say culture, it’s probably more accurately described as a vibe. No doubt a wedding on a beach in Cornwall is “usually” more laid back than a wedding at The Ned in Bank, for example. That’s not to say one is better than the other, but certainly has a different feel and look, which is wonderful for keeping me on my toes photographically! I love having diversity in my work and it’s great how different a wedding can look on the coast and in the city.

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London Wedding Photography or Cornwall Wedding Photography – Who Wins?

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It would be wrong not to say Cornwall, it’s where I’m from and therefore I have a strong affinity with the place. However, I am currently based in London and it certainly feels like a second home. My Dad is a Londoner and there is something that feels quite natural about working here. The spirit and culture in London is really quite something too. Of course if ever you visit for a weekend or short trip, you can be bombarded with the hustle and bustle, but there really is something special about London and its people. It takes living and working here for a while to notice it but there is a vibrancy and energy I love. Visually both locations give me such a buzz and in very different ways.

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Ultimately both Cornwall and London offer incredible opportunities for photography and it has broadened my work, opened my eyes and invited new challenges along the way.

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