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Top Four Reasons for Being a Wedding Photographer in Cornwall

Cornwall Wedding Photography – Always Beautiful!

I am incredibly lucky to work in this pretty little shire. During the last ten years photographing weddings in Cornwall I have become all too accustomed to experiencing a wide variety of weather conditions. I have been met with blazing sunshine, torrential rain, crisp frost and sea mist, all of which offer unique opportunities in getting a great shot. Cornwall full of its natural beauty often benefits from seeing it in a different light, quite literally.  Beaming sun is not the only way you get good photographs here and sometimes it can be quite the opposite.

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Cornish Photographer – Born and Bred

It helps to know this county like the back of your hand. There’s nothing worse than driving from ceremony to reception using SatNav! Growing up in Cornwall and exploring it’s ‘nooks and crannies’ as a child has not only inspired me to capture it on a regular basis with a camera but also has helped when it comes to wedding day shoots as well. It is a relatively small county to cover and the fact I can easily jump in my car and check out a venue in no time really helps me get prepared. I do love a change of scenery from time to time when a wedding takes me out of the South West but you can’t beat having work on your beautiful and picturesque doorstep.

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Wedding Photographer – Location Location Location!

It is all too easy to take for granted the glorious landscapes that make for such fantastic backdrops in wedding photos. Even though Cornwall is small,  there is such a diverse range when it comes to venues and landscapes.  I can be photographing one weekend on the beach and the next at a manor house on the moor!  I am spoilt for choice at every Cornish wedding I photograph. I’m never stood twiddling my thumbs trying to create a great scene but instead have to choose which one is best out of the 5 spots I love.

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Cornwall Weddings – Relaxed Atmosphere

Is it me or are Cornish Weddings a relatively laid back affair? Don’t get me wrong every wedding has its stressful moments and Cornwall’s unpredictable nature can sometimes add to this but overall I find that they seem more chilled out. I think this helps my style of photography blossom, as I tend to capture a more natural essence of the day avoiding the staged or forced approach and finding those special moments and little details that normally make for a better photo. I mean you can’t get more relaxed than bride and groom, shoes off strolling down the beach sipping champagne as the sunset dips beneath the horizon!

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